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Basics of money and investment [ Earn while you sleep ]

Learning about money, saving and investment is essential. True freedom can only be achieved via financial freedom. And the internet is filled with get rich quick schemes which are nothing but scams so I decided to write few things that I know about saving and investment.  Why do you need to invest? So let's start with the first thing called inflation . Suppose you want to buy a piece of land in your village and it currently costs Rs 10,00,000 and you have Rs 7,00,000 in your savings. You start saving money and you estimate you can save Rs 3,00,000 in 2 years from your salary. Do you think you can buy the same land in Rs 10,00,000? Its highly unlikely, in 2 years the price of land would have become more than Rs 10,00,000 to like Rs 11,00,000 or Rs 12,00,000 or even more. You would naturally think that the valuation of the land has increased over time but the actual truth is valuation of your money has decreased as well. Inflation a complex term which involves everything from im