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How to use internet in your smartphones securely? [Browse blocked sites without VPN]

 So you have been using VPN for opening various websites that have been banned by your ISPs, or college or Office. For eg, Facebook is banned in our work place Wi-Fi from 10 am to 6 pm. Also, some people might have fear that their ISPs or Network administrator could track their browsing history. For all these we use VPNs, unfortunately some of the VPNs do more harm than good. They sell your data in grey market. Good VPNs are usually expensive. So, I use this simple and easy method to bypass all the ISPs rules and stay secured while browsing the internet. Its called re-routing DNS. You need to change your DNS so that all the website you request to browse goes to an external DNS. In your android smartphone, go to Settings. Then WiFi and Network Then click on Private DNS Choose Private DNS provider hostname and enter  and tap save. In your iOS device, Goto Settings  Then Wi-Fi and click on (i) button on the site of your network connection. Then click on c