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How to download all your college and other textbook pdfs for free?

Many times we just need pdf instead of buying a paperback edition. Google can sometimes be helpful but in most the cases, search for a textbothe ok leads to some spam or fake sites. Here is an easy way to download the latest edition of the textbook that you've been searching for. 1. Goto or 2. Type in your textbook name, make sure the spelling is correct.  To confirm the spelling search the book in Amazon or Google and then copy the book’s title. 3. Click on sethe arch. If you find the book, click on yethe ar to make sure you see all the editions arranged year-wise. 4. Click on the title of the book now. 5. You'll see all the details of the book. 6. Click again on the title of the book to go to download page. 7. Click on the GET to download the book. And the book is downloaded. Feel free to comment if you’ve any questions.

Using torrent on iPad or iPhone without any extra apps or tools for free

Here is a straightforward and simple guide on how to use a torrent on an iPad or iPhone. Apple Inc doesn't allow torrent apps to be hosted on AppStore so it is relatively tiresome for iOS users to download any torrent on PC first and then to copy to the device. Here is a very simple and legal way to download any torrent file to your iPhone or iPad for free without using any kind of tools or apps. Step 1. Open the Safari browser on your device. Step 2. Type in the address bar. Step 3. Sign up using your email or Facebook. I would recommend using Facebook as it is simpler to log in without the hassle of remembering passwords. Step 4. Now in another tab open any torrent site. For eg. [for best quality movies] or [for everything else] Step 5. Download the torrent file Step 6. Click on " + " sign on webpage.  Step 7. Click on upload button. Upload the torrent file. S