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The perfect Annapurna Base Camp trek route for slow trekkers

Annapurna Base Camp is a must trek for anyone who gets awestruck by magnificent mountains. The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a journey with the gorgeous views and sights of the mighty Annapurna massif and its many neighboring peaks. From the very beginning of the trek from Pokhara, prominent mountain peaks like the Machhapuchhre and the Nilgiri along with the massif of the Annapurna Himal grace the distant skyline in a spectacular fashion.  The eight thousand plus meters Annapurna is worth watching in itself. The Annapurna Base Came trek route varies according to your fitness level as well as your no of days you're planning to spend. But it's wise to ascend slowly to get acclimatized. Slow ascend and acclimatization with high altitude will prevent you from Acute Mountain Sickness.
Annapurna Base Camp trek falls in the moderate category. If the weather is favorable you can take children as well. One thing to consider is always traveling in groups, as you may need help time and a…

Funny tweets collections #01

Funny posts from twitter #01

I think I watched this 300 times in a row — Evren7 (@evren__7) January 30, 2019
The fuck did I just watch?!! 😂😂 — Alexis Rooney (@TheChaoticNinja) January 30, 2019
Me: Meet my girlfriend.

Mom: You deserve better, don't settle for this.

Me: but mom I love..

Mom: I'm talking to her. — Rahul Dubey 💦 (@iRahullDubey) January 30, 2019
Rula diya iss scene ne 😭😭😭 — Amit A (@Amit_smiling) January 31, 2019
when you didnt ask to be born: — tems caprice (@temss_) January 27, 2019
Only in India 😂 — Agratha (@Agratha) January 27, 2019
Americans: by 2020 we'll have drones delivering essential supplies to disaster hit areas, fighting wildfires, and helping with emergency rescue services.

Indians: — That Goan Boy (@schmmuck) January 20, — non aesthetic things (@Pic…