The list of best mindfuck movies

If you love screwing your sane head once in a while and indulge in some kind of WTF type feeling then the list of mindfuck movies is for you. These are the movies that literally had blown my head away and made me swear words I didn’t think I ever knew.

mindfuck movies

There is a special genre for this type of movie called “MindFuck movies”. There are twists that cannot be easily digested yet you’ll try using all your IQ and no matter how much you try, you’d end up feeling dumb. And in the end, the worst swear-word is sure to come out of your mouth, I promise you that. So if you ever wanted to challenge your sanity then this list of mindfuck movies is for you. These are the handpicked movies that cannot be explained but only observed.



B) Triangle   

C) Inception   

D) Interstellar   

E) Shutter Island   

F) The usual suspect   

G) The fight club  

H) The sixth sense   

I) The game   

J)The prestige


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