How does people you may know work in facebook

You meet someone in the morning and you see his/her name in the friend suggestion in People You May Know section of Facebook. Honestly, something like this has been happening to me for few times in the past days and I genuinely got amazed at this coincidence. Moreover, I felt as if there was really some supernatural power in this universe. And I did some research and finally found some really interesting processing behind this.

Initially, Facebook spends a lot of money and effort to gain users quantitatively by increasing the numbers of users. Recently, Facebook has acquired a lot of startups, and have invested a lot of money and efforts to increase qualitative user experience (increase the average time a user spends on Facebook). So they have revamped up People you may know section so that you'll add more friends and end up spending more time at their platform. A lot of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning is involved in this. So how does Facebook tunes up its recommendation? They're listed below:
  1. Contacts: Suppose you met someone and either that someone saves your number. Everyone uses their number to register for Facebook ( or for apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc that belong to the Facebook ecosystem). The Facebook app in your smartphone regularly syncs the contacts and then shows that name of the person indexed to that very number.
  2. IP Address
  3. Search
  4. Emails


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