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Movies and Series to watch during coronavirus quarantine

Everyone's favorite moviesShawshank RedemptionThe Godfather 12 Angry MenSchindler's ListThe Lord of The RingsPulp FictionBack to the FutureThe DepartedDjango UnchainedCasablanca Suspense moviesPredestinationInceptionThe PrestigeTriangleThe Usual SuspectMemento Shutter IslandThe Fight ClubThe Sixth SenseNow You See Me
Movies from 2019Knives OutParasiteJokerFord vs FerrariLittle WomenFast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (watch in Bhojpuri for fun)Dark WatersThe Irishman*Once upon a time in Hollywood* Comedy movies Hangover The Dictator Ted Johny English  The Grand Budapest Hotel SuperbadThe Nice Guys The Wolf of Wall Street Rush HourAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Animated MoviesKung Fu PandaPenguins of MadagascarDespicable Me Minions FrozenThe IncrediblesFinding NemoRatatouilleToy StoryUp Tangled How to Train Your DragonShrek
  Inspiring moviesThe MartianGood Will HuntingThe Pursuit of HappinessThe Social NetworkSearchingCast Away RockyPele: Birth of a Legend Forest Gu…

How to download all your college and other textbook pdfs for free?

Many times we just need pdf instead of buying a paperback edition. Google can sometimes be helpful but in most the cases, search for a textbothe ok leads to some spam or fake sites. Here is an easy way to download the latest edition of the textbook that you've been searching for.

1. Goto or

2. Type in your textbook name, make sure the spelling is correct.  To confirm the spelling search the book in Amazon or Google and then copy the book’s title.

3. Click on sethe arch. If you find the book, click on yethe ar to make sure you see all the editions arranged year-wise.

4. Click on the title of the book now.
5. You'll see all the details of the book.

6. Click again on the title of the book to go to download page.
7. Click on the GET to download the book.
And the book is downloaded.
Feel free to comment if you’ve any questions.

Using torrent on iPad or iPhone without any extra apps or tools for free

Here is a straightforward and simple guide on how to use a torrent on an iPad or iPhone. Apple Inc doesn't allow torrent apps to be hosted on AppStore so it is relatively tiresome for iOS users to download any torrent on PC first and then to copy to the device. Here is a very simple and legal way to download any torrent file to your iPhone or iPad for free without using any kind of tools or apps.

Step 1. Open the Safari browser on your device.
Step 2. Type in the address bar.

Step 3. Sign up using your email or Facebook. I would recommend using Facebook as it is simpler to log in without the hassle of remembering passwords.
Step 4. Now in another tab open any torrent site. For eg. [for best quality movies] or [for everything else]

Step 5. Download the torrent file

Step 6. Click on "+" sign on webpage. 

Step 7. Click on upload button. Upload the torrent file.

Step 8. The file would now get hosted on server.…

AI predicts who would benefit from high blood pressure treatment

High blood pressure(hypertension) is a common disease in which blood flows through blood vessels, or arteries, at higher than normal pressures. i.e. systolic blood pressure is consistently higher than 140 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure is consistently higher than 90 mmHg.  Hereditary, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, increased salt intake, etc are some of the known risk factors of high blood pressure.

Having high blood pressure puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke, which are leading causes of death worldwide. High blood pressure usually does not have any symptoms untill the complications occur. The complications of high blood pressure is usually fatal and disabling.

For most people with high blood pressure, a doctor will develop a treatment plan that may include heart-healthy lifestyle changes alone or with medicines. Heart-healthy lifestyle changes, such as heart-healthy eating, can be highly effective in treating high blood pressure. The absolute risk reduction (ARR) in ca…

The best way to deal with depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are way more common than you think. Depression cripples you whereas anxiety incapacitates you. Depression is more than just a low mood – it's a serious condition that affects your physical and mental health.

Feeling sad is common. But if you have persistent low mood and lack of interest in otherwise pleasurable activities you might have the symptoms of the depressive disorder. Depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental disorders are getting more common these days.

Stats clearly indicate that mental disorders have become an epidemic. But unfortunately, only a small portion of the depressed people actually go to a licensed practitioner and complete the therapy. Often times a person in depression doesn't have enough energy and motivation to see a physician. The person is so drenched in their feelings, that they are overwhelmed with sadness. Most of the time, a person hides his feelings and is afraid of opening up. The consequences of living with any f…

The perfect Annapurna Base Camp trek route for slow trekkers

Annapurna Base Camp is a must trek for anyone who gets awestruck by magnificent mountains. The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a journey with the gorgeous views and sights of the mighty Annapurna massif and its many neighboring peaks. From the very beginning of the trek from Pokhara, prominent mountain peaks like the Machhapuchhre and the Nilgiri along with the massif of the Annapurna Himal grace the distant skyline in a spectacular fashion.  The eight thousand plus meters Annapurna is worth watching in itself. The Annapurna Base Came trek route varies according to your fitness level as well as your no of days you're planning to spend. But it's wise to ascend slowly to get acclimatized. Slow ascend and acclimatization with high altitude will prevent you from Acute Mountain Sickness.
Annapurna Base Camp trek falls in the moderate category. If the weather is favorable you can take children as well. One thing to consider is always traveling in groups, as you may need help time and a…

The lust of love

She stretched out lazily on her bed. The delicious tiredness invading her body and the dis-arrayed pillows, scattered all about the floor, were the only testaments of the wild time she had the night before. Sinking back into the duvet, she closed her eyes and reflected back. The memory of every single touch, taste, and kiss, came rushing, suffusing her body with the glorious heat, reminiscent of what he had made her feel with each touch of his.

She remembered his urgency: the way he had impatiently tugged aside the bodice of her midnight-blue dress, to expose her creamy bosom, the way he had cupped her in his palms, gently squeezing and then roughly tasting. She remembered his admiration: how he had attempted wet kisses down her front, an open-mouthed lick to each of the skin that got exposed as he slowly pulled her dress down.

She remembered his arousal: his unique taste on her tongue, his unique scent- the intrinsic maleness and an earthy cologne blended into a harmony which left h…